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WAVE Team Information Session Tues NOV 28

WAVE Team Information Session-Tues NOV 28

This general information session is for anyone who has either signed up to join a VGR W.A.V.E.Team or is interested in joining!


Two sessions are available, pre-registration is required:

Tues NOV 28, 6:30-8:30pm
Thurs, NOV 30, 6:30-8:30pm

Dewey’s Restaurant & Sports Bar
600 Main St
Racine, Wisconsin 53403


VGR WAVE Team Information Session No 1

VGR is launching 11+ teams to implement the vision of Greater Racine, based on community input from over a year of listening sessions. Teams will connect with nonprofit, business, government and the faith community to join forces to make the vision happen. This work will result in a flourishing community we are all proud to call home by the year 2030.


Teams are as follows:

EDUCATION & YOUTH: Our community will have access to outstanding educational opportunities, both public and private. We will be a community where every child is loved and prepared to succeed.

HEALTHY PRODUCTIVE LIVES: Our community will provide affordable and accessible human services.

THRIVING ECONOMY: Our community will have a thriving 21st Century economy with a diverse economic base that retains and attracts people to both live and work here.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Our community will have a dynamic culture of equity, justice, and respect featuring safe neighborhoods; opportunities for people to move out of poverty; well-maintained housing for a variety of income levels; & access to nutrtious food.

TRANSPORTATION: Our community features a variety of local and regional transportation options that connect people to opportunities.

CULTURE & RECREATION: Our community will be a cultural hub with a vibrant arts scene; expanded recreational facilities and opportunities; and a coastal destination for national and regional visitors.

REVITALIZATION: Our community will promote commercial and residential development by supporting revitalization of key neighborhoods.

MODEL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Our community becomes a model for practices and policies that protect and enhance natural resources.

DIVERSE & COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP: Our community promotes resilient, diverse, collaborative leadership across Municipalities, Business, Education, Non-Profit, and Faith-Based organizations.

PRIDE & POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE: Our Community exhibits a positive self-image and confidence in the future.

VIBRANT ATMOSPHERE FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Our community will be an exciting location for young adults offering a climate that attract them to live, work, and play here.


The sessions are free and open to the public.



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