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What is Visioning a Greater Racine?vgr faqs

Visioning a Greater Racine (VGR) is a networked-community initiative using the proven VISIONING process with the goal of transforming Racine into a flourishing place we are all proud to call home by 2030.

What is the case for change?

The greater Racine community struggles with self-image and an undefined community-wide vision which adversely impacts our ability to create a better future and stifles our capacity to innovate and grow.

Has the VISIONING process worked in other communities?

VGR is modeling its transformation process after communities that have been successful. 30 years ago Chattanooga, Tennessee worked to make their community a thriving place and after the community came together, mapped out the possibilities and aligned efforts and resources it made Chattanooga a template for community change. Now Chattanooga has a bustling downtown, major corporations calling it home and widespread community pride. Rockford, Illinois is just 3 years into their process and they are seeing similar progress. Inspired by other communities, we are making the process unique to greater Racine.

Who is involved?

Every part of our community has been engaged in the transformation process. Local government, nonprofit, business, labor and faith-based groups across greater Racine have been a part of making Visioning a Greater Racine a grassroots organization with community ownership

How is Visioning a Greater Racine funded?

VGR has a broad base of support ranging from small donations from friends and neighbors to major community sponsors ranging from businesses that care about Racine’s future to local government that has made a commitment to the future of greater Racine.

What has Visioning a Greater Racine done so far? 

VGR has performed a feasibility study of the region, engaged community stakeholders, researched other communities that have been successful, and completed its VISIONING phase with over 1,300 residents of greater Racine participating from high schools to senior centers, from the suburbs to the heart of the City sharing their ideas for the future of our community.

What is next for Visioning a Greater Racine?

VGR is moving into the implementation phase of the transformation process. Our community will come together, align community efforts and resources to make a greater impact on goals set by the community. Taskforce’s (WAVE teams) made up of a cross-section of the region will be established to make the vision a reality.

What is a WAVE team?

A WAVE (Work, Action, Vision and Engagement) team seeks to implement the vision brought about by the Greater Racine community. Through collaboration, coordination and guided vision-based work, the WAVE teams will be on the front lines of making the vision for the region a reality. These WAVE team will tackle unique themes and consist of a diverse collection of community stakeholders who have a variety of expertise, skills and connections. Working along side VGR professional staff, these teams will coordinate or enhance projects and initiatives to make Greater Racine a place residents are proud to call home by the year 2030.

How do I get involved?

To get involved you can..

  • Like our Facebook page and share our posts to spread the word about the good work being done.
  • Join a WAVE team relating to an issue or project you are passionate about.
  • Donate to Visioning a Greater Racine to keep the organization healthy.
  • Connect VGR with an organization/group that is doing great work in the community.

What is the impact Foxconn will have on the work of Visioning a Greater Racine?

Foxconn coming to Racine is an amazing opportunity for southeastern Wisconsin as it may bring family supporting jobs. While this is potentially 13,000 jobs and all the economic development that comes with it, Greater Racine still needs a vision to meet the educational, quality of life and justice goals that have been set forth by the residents. Visioning a Greater Racine is excited to celebrate wins that occur in our area, but there is still work yet to do.

What is the difference between Visioning a Greater Racine and past organizations that had similar goals, such as Sustainable Racine?

VGR is unique to greater Racine due to its grassroots character. This is a movement made up by the community, for the community. This means there are more stakeholders engaged, a large variety of disciplines involved and energy from the community fueling the effort.

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