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Meet the VGR Board of Directors


Thomas Buhler VGR President

Thomas Buhler

Tom Buhler currently serves as the President of the Board. Specifically, as President, Tom presides over all Board meetings. He regularly networks with community leaders to encourage participation in Visioning activities and raise funds for VGR. Tom has over 30 years of experience as a leader – he is the Director of Business Development of ButterBuds, a local business that distributes its products nationally.

Tamerin Hayward VGR Vice President

Tamerin Hayward

Tammy Hayward currently serves as the Vice President of the Board. Tammy assists with communications, such as radio interviews, newsletters, etc. She is active in the community and regularly serves on nonprofit boards. She is the former president of the Racine Interfaith Coalition, and the Vice-President of WISDOM. Ms. Hayward has a M.A. in History, and is a retired teacher.

Al Johnson VGR Board of Director

Al Johnson

Al Johnson currently serves as the Treasurer. Specifically, as Treasurer, Mr. Johnson keeps tracks of all receipts and disbursements of VGR’s funds. Al solicits funds for VGR regularly through networking with community leaders. Al attended the School of Business the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bill Streeter VGR Board of Director

Dr. Bill Streeter

Bill Streeter serves as Secretary of the Board. Bill is a Caledonia resident, active member of multiple community organizations and former Vice Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Bill earned his Doctorate from the University of Michigan in Higher Education.

Bonnie-Prochaska-VGR Board of Director

Bonnie Prochaska

Bonnie Prochaska spearheads VGR’s initiative to map its networks and resources in the community. Ms. Prochaska has over 30 years of volunteer Board experience. She is the former Executive Director of the Racine Symphony Orchestra and other local nonprofits. Currently, Prochaska is the President of a nonprofit management consulting firm working with regional Boards doing strategic planning and Board development.

Chief Art Howell-VGR Board of Director

Chief Art Howell

Chief Art Howell is a life-long Racinian and public servant who has served the city of Racine in the Police Department and as an active member of many non-profit boards including the United Way of Racine County. Chief Howell has a M.A. in Management and a B.A. in Human Services, and is currently the Chief of Police for the Racine Police Department.

Kamaljit Jackson VGR Board Director

Kamaljit Jackson

Kamaljit Jackson is the Senior Accountability and Efficiency Officer at Racine Unified School District. Kamaljit leads and champions the district's performance management strategy by collaborating with district leaders to use data to evaluate efforts, and then identify opportunities for improvement, including working better together to serve the district's internal and external community constituents, respond to needs, and demonstrate results. She is a certified Black Belt and holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

Amy Connelly VGR Board of Director

Amy Connolly

Amy Connolly is a member of the Governance Committee for Visioning a Greater Racine. She is the Director of City Development at the City of Racine and oversees planning, building, and economic development for the City. She also serves as the Executive Director of the City of Racine Redevelopment Authority. Amy has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Masters Degree in Regional and Community Planning from Kansas State University.

Jomarie Coloriano VGR Board of Director

Jomarie Coloriano

Jomarie was raised in Milwaukee's southside in a Spanish speaking home, and is a current resident of Racine since 2004. She has a passion for social justice and equity, focusing on education, child welfare, civil, labor and human rights immigration, and human trafficking. An alumni of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where she completed her undergraduate in Community Engagement and Education with certificates in Latin American and Caribbean studies, and Culture and Communities, and her Master's program is in the Cultural Foundation of Education (focus: underrepresented students in higher education, social justice and educational policy). Currently, she works for Gateway Technical College as a Student Support Specialist in the Multicultural Program of the Racine Campus since August of 2014. There, she works in student development, advocacy and leadership. Prior to, Jomarie worked many years in child abuse prevention for a local non-for-prior in Kenosha County. As a agent of change and active in the community, Jomarie has volunteer her time for many causes that range from homelessness prevention to community re-entry programs.

Rod French-VGR Board of Director

Rod French

Rod French to Racine in 1981 as a reporter for the Racine Journal Times. In 1984, Rod opened a Racine branch of Sales Promotion Ideas a promotional agency started by his father, Russ. Rod currently works for QRG in New Berlin helping clients create Raving Fans by empowering their brand and engaging their people.

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