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Our community will have access to outstanding educational opportunities, both public and private. We will be a community where every child is loved and prepared to succeed.


RUSD is 1st choice—cutting-edge, positive, safe, well-funded, and supported by par-ents, leaders, and the community as a whole

Innovative education that prepares students to compete globally

Encourage parental involvement by instilling the importance of education

Birth to 3-years-old program is available for school readiness

Staff at schools reflects the diversity of the population attending

Create excitement about going to school

Provide community service, work study, internships, and mentoring

More community schools like Knapp

More trade schools and technical training

Life readiness training

Improved facilities and programs for children and youth that are affordable and close to where they live

Opportunities for youth to be involved in the community, both paid and volunteer

Children’s Museum

Parental involvement and more family-oriented activities


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