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Culture And Recreation

Our community will be a cultural hub with a vibrant arts scene; expanded recreational facilities and opportunities; and a coastal destination for national and regional visitors.


Performing arts center that draws people here as a destination for all ages

More community social events with arts and music

Events held downtown all year long

More arts programming for children and youth in schools and community centers
World class library

“Art Maker” incubation for creative ideas and work

Provide incentives, such as reduction in mortgage, for artists to live here

Mosaics—use mosaics as an artistic metaphor for rebuilding the city

Sports facilities and recreation centers for all ages, close to where people live, good use of abandoned buildings
Ice-skating rink

Summer and after school recreational programs for children and youth

Better playgrounds for children

Wellness Centers, promote healthy lifestyles for all

Indoor/outdoor public pools

Tournaments and events

More restaurants including ethnic options

More food trucks and vendors



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