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What is Visioning a Greater Racine?

Visioning a Greater Racine (VGR) is a 501c3 nonprofit,

A non-profit organization, VGR is the creation of five passionate Racine residents to reinvigorate a city that had been impacted by the decline of American manufacturing. In its heyday, Racine’s public school district was ranked among the top systems in the United States and the city was considered the patent capital of the nation. The team of five eventually traveled to Chattanooga, Tenn., to learn about that city’s successful reinvention project, and how to introduce it to Racine.  More information about the Chattanooga Experiment is in this white paper.

As a result, the process sparked 1,300 listening sessions in 2019, identifying and sorting the community’s needs. Eleven focus groups, known as “waves” were formed with volunteers.    As a result of COVID, there are three programs:    Tech-Prize, Neighborhood Power, and Business Start up/Scale programs.

Objective: Visioning a Greater Racine

By 2030, working together, we have created a flourishing community we are all proud to call home.

Case for Change

The greater Racine community struggles with self-image and an undefined community-wide vision which adversely impacts our ability to create a better future and stifles our capacity to innovate and grow.

Reason to Believe

To make this happen, a broad network of community members will work together to engage a proven process, called VISIONING. The VISIONING process has been successful in transforming other cities into vibrant places to work and live. To ensure success, Visioning a Greater Racine is being coached and mentored by leaders of two of these successes.

A Great Start

Visioning a Greater Racine is supported by Leadership of the City, County and villages. Visioning a Greater Racine is being guided by the VISIONING process, coached by successful Chattanooga VISIONING Leader Eleanor Cooper and mentored by the Transform Rockford Visioning Team. We receive support from the Racine Community Foundation and several leading financial institutions.

Our WAVE Teams are already making a positive difference in the community ranging from neighborhood clean-ups and mural projects to working with local government.

Listen. Engage. Do. = THRIVE

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